Solar Specialties

USB Battery, 6000mAh   #305-PS5
USB Battery, 6000mAh #305-PS5 $ 34.95
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Solar Charger, USB Port, 14 Watt Kit   #305-PS2K
Solar Charger, USB Port, 14 Watt Kit #305-PS2K $ 269.95
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Solar Charger - 5 Watt Kit  #305-PS1K
Solar Charger - 5 Watt Kit #305-PS1K $ 159.95
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Kaito Trek Radio: Solar/Dynamo/AM/FM/SW   #304-K350
Kaito Trek Radio: Solar/Dynamo/AM/FM/SW #304-K350 $ 39.95
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Kaito Solar/Dynamo Radio/LED Lantern   #304-KA249w
Kaito Solar/Dynamo Radio/LED Lantern #304-KA249w $ 34.95
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Eton Radio, Charges SmartPhones  #304-EX2
Eton Radio, Charges SmartPhones #304-EX2 $ 39.95 $ 44.99
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Eton Radio, Charges SmartPhones   #304-EX4
Eton Radio, Charges SmartPhones #304-EX4 $ 69.95 $ 79.99
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Emergency Packs – Survival and First Aid Kits – Disaster Relief

Disaster preparedness products for individuals and homes, businesses and schools, volunteer organizations and non-profits. All of our products can be ordered in large or small quantities. Call or e-mail us for more information.

Be ready for any disaster, accident or emergency. Let Earthquake Supply Center outfit your home, vehicle, office or school with reliable products that are designed with your safety and comfort in mind.

  • Preparedness is empowering for everyone and enables us to respond confidently in an emergency.
  • Emergency preparedness enables us to survive and to help others.
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3095 Kerner Blvd., # i
San Rafael, CA 94901

Our parking lot is on Irene St., next to the  U-Haul lot.

Directions to Earthquake Supply Center

Retail store hours:
M-F, 10AM-5PM

Emergency preparedness assistance for businesses, schools, families and individuals since 1995. 

The Disaster Zone - An Emergency Preparedness Blog

Water Purification

February 06, 2014

The cholera disaster unfolding in Haiti is something that might have been prevented with the proper care and precautions. This is not just a third world problem. In times of disaster, keep fresh potable water available.If you don’t have a cache of water set aside in pouches and larger containers, keep a good supply of water purification tablets available. The illnesses associated with contaminated water are avoidable with the proper preparation and planning. Use sturdy, BPA Free plastic containers when storing water for long periods-up to 5 years. Supermarket water comes in plastic containers that can leech harmful chemicals into your drinking water. Michael Skyler is the owner of the Earthquake Supply Center, an earthquake, disaster and emergency preparedness supply...

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